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Join us or Discover innovative companies in Armenia and the people behind them.

No matter what you wish to accomplish on the worldwide web, On you can find many possibilities locally in Armenia or Worldwide.

You can Join the Medical Directory if you are a Doctor, a Dentist or a Medical Clinic and reach hundreds of local and foreign patients.

Buy and sell on Armenian Agricultural or Wineries Classified Directory.

We look at the benefits of listing your company in an online directory in order to drive relevant enquiries about the products and services you offer.


Business directories have been around for more than a hundred years, traditionally offering companies an opportunity to market themselves by helping them promote their business by activity, location and size, ensuring directory users find the right companies to do business with.


If you were looking to enter a new market….how easy is it to create a targeted list of companies, accurately defined by all these parameters?


What about searching for the same product or service globally or across multiple countries or regions?


Well this can be where online business directories, such as Yerevanet Directories come into their own, because the real benefit you should be seeking from an effective online directory can be described in two words…..relevance and traffic.

What can they offer companies like yours?


Say you already do business with a company, how would you go about finding companies who were similar? How would you define them…by size, by location, by contact, by their activity….how easy is this to do using Google?


From another perspective what factors should you think about when it comes to marketing your business?


Ask yourself how effective you are at making sure your company profile reaches the right target audience?


What can you do to define your business activities accurately & in such a way that users can easily find them?


How easy is it to build relevant online traffic to your website?


Do you have a responsive website design that meets the needs of today’s multi-platform consumer?


What are some of the other benefits that come from being listed in an online directory?

It is the goal of any marketer to achieve a ROI and as a brand visibility tool online display advertising is an affordable choice which offers a place for your company to be seen and gives you the opportunity to convey the personality and values of your brand to your target audience.


Whilst a straightforward company profile listing on the Yerevanet Directory B2B directory is mostly free, there are a range of different advertising formats available, such as squares and banners which can be flexibly located on our regional and activity pages.


Whether you are looking for partners, suppliers or prospects abroad, our Digital Marketing Solutions will broaden your online presence locally or help to target overseas markets, by displaying your advertising on our global network to buyers who are at the point of purchase.


To grow your business both locally and abroad, it is essential to make sure that your company can be found. By adding your company to the Yerevanet business directories, we can help you to do this and as a result your company will gain the benefit of being part of a truly global marketplace.

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