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No matter the size of your company, we can be your business development partner. We exist to help you succeed.
We help our clients generate new business opportunities with our smart data marketing and sales implementation solutions, giving them clear-cut ways in which to do this. We can do the same for your company, by helping you:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Enrich your files with Yerevanet Agro Directory data
  • Make your database more efficient
  • Improve the performance of your buying or selling process


Register your company for free and become part of our global B2B community.

To grow your business both locally and abroad, your company must be able to be found. By adding your company to the Yerevanet Agro Directory , we can help you to do this and enjoy the benefits of being part of a truly global marketplace.

  • Detailed company profile
  • Optimised and responsive web design
  • Broaden your global ranking.

We aim to conduct smart online marketing approach to reach specifically The Gulf & Middle Eastern Markets and trade entities, we are an advertising and marketing agency in the Middle East , under the parent name of Epowercom.

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