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Category: Product Labeling

Jun 24
Regulation of Food Contact Materials in the GCC Member States

GSO Standards on Food Contact Materials The regulation of food contact materials in the Member States of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf – also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council and hereafter referred to as the GCC – is characterized by consensus-based standards established by the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO). […]

Jun 24
UAE Cabinet approves mandatory food labelling policy to encourage healthier eating

Traffic light system will warn consumers about unhealthy food choices A nutrition labelling policy offering consumers more information about the foods they eat has been approved by the UAE Cabinet. It is the latest initiative to emerge from the Community Design for Wellbeing Initiative launched by the National Program for Happiness and Well-being in April […]

Jun 24
Food and drink labelling requirements for the Middle East

How to meet the packaging requirements of the GCC, UAE and Saudi Arabia Labelling products for international markets isn’t the most exciting part of selling overseas, but it is an incredibly important one! Get it wrong and it could cost you a significant amount in new packaging, or hefty demurrage costs at port- if there’s […]

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