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Health Related Calculators For Men & Women

Yerevanet Clinics provides you free online Health Related calculators and Information Category. All Calculators are very simple and easy to use. 

Weight Loss Calculator

Weight Loss Calculator provides information for Calories intake required a day to lose goal weight for Men & Women. Calorie calculator to plan your daily meals.

BMI Calculator For Men & Women

Online BMI Calculator checks Body Mass Index for Men & Women. It is designed for both male and female to find out their healthy weight ratio.

BMR Calculator

Calculate BMR by using metabolism calculator. Best basal / resting metabolic rate calculator for men and women.

Macro Calculator

Macro macronutrients calculator: Adjust your carb, fats, proteins and nutrition with flexible diet to loss, gain or to maintain weight.

Lean Body Mass Calculator

Subtract Body fat from total body weight to get Lean body mass. LBM Calculator shows pure body mass which shouldn't be dropped at any stage of workout.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

TDEE calculator Calculates Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Simply how many calories you burn in a single day. It depends on your activity Level.

Body Surface Area Calculator

BSA Calculator measures the total surface area of body. It is usually referred to be a better indicator of the metabolic mass.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

Ideal Body Weight Calculator Provides information how many calories per day required to maintain ideal weight for men and women.

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

Cardiovascular risk, also known as the "heart attack" risk can be predicted before time. 

Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator

Basic Metabolic Rate or RMR is the amount of calories your body burns while it is at rest or sleeping.

Important Notice

The resulting information on this page is only a general indication. For advanced advice please seek professional opinion by a qualified Specialist.